Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Is cross database referential integrity possible ?

Cross database referential integrity is not possible in SQL. Hence deletion of any master data stored in one database will make orphan the related data in other databases (transaction db). Also, if cross – database constrain is possible, then it is more or less similar to saying that you can have PK-FK relation for databases. i.e., you cannot drop a database when there are some PK records for some FK records in the other database. Right? Any thought? Let me know if you find any thing!!

And as per the third party tool, remote-keys this could be achieved. But it is more like a work around, achieving the same programmatically (DDL statements in triggers)

Hence to my knowledge, it is not possible in SQL where as the feature is available in SYBASE. Any different thought ?

What developer says?

What Third Party says?


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